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From gan bei to skål...



It’s my party, I can wine if I want to.

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ganbei is moving…

…to a new home at SixTomatoes.  Please visit us here:  Cheers!

white dog. aging optional?

Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1.  What bourbon looks like, before the barrel.

Grainy and yeasty on the nose.  Light citrus, sweet, spicy, and highly alcoholic, the White Dog comes in at 125 proof (bottled at still strength).  When aged properly, it becomes a most delicious George T Stagg or Eagle Rare bourbon.  

While I would not recommend drinking this straight, it is terrific as a comparative educational tasting exercise.  


what’s your favorite drink?

Calling all cocktail fans — what is your favorite drink?  

We are researching recipes for our new class, so I’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to share photos or recipes.  We will credit you in our curriculum if it’s selected.  Thank you and skål!

A big bowl of salty goodness is the perfect accompaniment to drinks.  Herbs, such as rosemary, help add a layer of flavor and bring out the green notes in spirits and cocktails.

FACE Stockholm photo shoot, 2010.

Sometimes, after a long day of 80+ proof spirit tastings (yes, yes, I know…rough life), your taste buds just cry out for help.   I find it extra soothing to revive my palate with one of my favorite brews, the Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA.  It’s excellently poured at the Light Horse Tavern in Jersey City, NJ, my place to unwind and catch the latest game.  

a spirited project.

Alexis Kahn (beverage expert and teacher extraordinaire at The FCI) and I are working on our new class offering on spirits and mixology.  Over the course of the next six months, we will be shaking, stirring, and tasting our way through the curriculum.  Come share this adventure with us!  

She has an awesome blog, A Thirsty Spirit.  Read it for cool posts on all things beverage.  Cheers!

Shaken, or stirred?  Two versions of the martinez cocktail.  Vermouth-heavy (left) or gin-forward (right).  Note:  It is missing the classic lemon wedge garnish.